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POET Fostoria buying/pricing hours 
(8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m & 9:30 a.m - 2:15 p.m., during CME trading hours)


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Only the new mobile app and web portal will be available starting December 1. 
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Corn Recieving Hours
Dec 2nd - Dec 9th
Friday 12/2 7:30-3:00
Saturday 12/3 CLOSED
Monday 12/5 7:30-3:00
Tuesday 12/6 7:30-3:00
Wednesday 12/7 7:30-3:00
Thursday 12/8 7:30-3:00
Friday 12/9 7:30-3:00
Saturday 12/10 CLOSED
Poet Accumulator Contracts:
Fee - $.05/bu/corn- $.08/bu/beans
For further explanation and details call 866-941-CORN (2676)
Call for updated quotes

We are currently testing for VOMITOXIN:
Our policy is currently accept or reject.
Under 10 ppm accepted
Over 10 ppm rejected

*Click here for discount schedule*

Effective 10/10/2022
$.30/bu thru 12/31/2022
$.08/bu per month 1/1/2023 thru 9/30/2023
If priced within 7 days no storage will be charged.


Feel Free To Give Us A Call To Schedule An On-Farm Visit

Brad Pope, Commodities Manager
    Direct - 419-436-2114
 Cell - 419-619-7861
Barry Hoffman, Grain Buyer
Direct - 419-436-2112
Cell - 419-619-7890

Call 866-941-CORN (2676) 

Feed Loading Hours

Monday thru Friday
7:30 - 3:00


Please join us in helping support this worthy cause!
For more details on this organization, please visit:



Local Conditions
Fostoria, OH
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 41oF Feels Like: 34oF
Humid: 79% Dew Pt: 35oF
Barom: 30.14 Wind Dir: ENE
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 12 mph
Sunrise: 7:46 Sunset: 5:04
As reported at Wagner Farm, OH at 4:00 PM
Local Radar
Fostoria, OH
Local Forecast
Fostoria, OH





High: 42°F
Low: 32°F
Precip: 80%
High: 44°F
Low: 35°F
Precip: 0%
High: 44°F
Low: 37°F
Precip: 0%
High: 39°F
Low: 33°F
Precip: 0%
High: 42°F
Low: 28°F
Precip: 0%
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DTN Weather Summary
Southern Showers Continue This Weekend
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

More widespread precipitation Friday night will drift southeast over the weekend. Elsewhere east of the Rockies, temperatures will generally be rising through the weekend ahead of a large storm that will be building in the West. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 12:27PM Fri Dec 9, 2022 CST

DTN/PF Renewable Fuels
Latest DTN/PF Renewable Fuels News
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 10:35AM CST
The Energy Information Administration reports U.S. ethanol inventory continued higher through the week ended Nov. 25 while blender inputs, a measure of demand, and domestic production continued to seesaw.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 10:42AM CST

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 11:37AM CST

Local Cash Bids
  Poet - Fostoria
Futures Change Basis Futures Month Cash Price Futures Price
Dec '22
@C3H 644'0s Chart
Jan '23
@C3H 644'0s Chart
Feb '23
@C3H 644'0s Chart
Mar '23
@C3H 644'0s Chart
Price as of 12/09/22 04:03PM CST.
Month Symbols
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Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 22 631'4 639'6 631'4 634'0 2'6 634'6s 01:30P Chart for @C2Z Options for @C2Z
Mar 23 642'4 649'6 642'0 644'0 1'4 644'0s 03:50P Chart for @C3H Options for @C3H
May 23 644'4 650'4 644'0 644'4 1'0 645'2s 03:22P Chart for @C3K Options for @C3K
Jul 23 640'6 646'2 639'2 640'4 0'0 640'6s 02:50P Chart for @C3N Options for @C3N
Sep 23 606'4 610'4 604'2 604'6 -1'0 605'6s 01:30P Chart for @C3U Options for @C3U
Dec 23 594'2 598'2 592'0 592'4 -1'4 593'0s 03:23P Chart for @C3Z Options for @C3Z
Mar 24 602'4 605'6 599'6 600'6 -1'4 600'6s 03:24P Chart for @C4H Options for @C4H
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jan 23 1484'2 1492'6 1477'6 1482'4 -2'4 1483'6s 03:48P Chart for @S3F Options for @S3F
Mar 23 1488'2 1497'2 1482'2 1486'4 -2'0 1488'2s 02:46P Chart for @S3H Options for @S3H
May 23 1493'4 1502'4 1488'0 1492'2 -2'2 1493'4s 02:45P Chart for @S3K Options for @S3K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 22 724'2 -11'4 712'6s 01:21P Chart for @W2Z Options for @W2Z
Mar 23 749'6 752'4 730'6 732'6 -12'0 734'2s 02:32P Chart for @W3H Options for @W3H
May 23 759'2 761'6 741'2 742'2 -11'4 744'6s 01:30P Chart for @W3K Options for @W3K
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Symbol Open High Low Last Change Close Time More

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